About Us

PerceptiMed was founded by medical and engineering professionals with a desire to reduce the millions of medication errors that occur annually in the United States.


  • IdentRx - Identifies drug and dosage of individual pills and capsules in real-time.
  • IdentRx Secure Dispensing - A unique dispensing vessel that ensures verified medications are given to the right patient.

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Our Mission

Each year 138 million medication errors occur in hospitals, nursing homes and local retail pharmacies, costing $21 billion annually. Every 4 days the average retail pharmacy fills a prescription with the wrong medication or wrong dose. One in 30 medications administered to in-patients are the wrong drug or dosage. PerceptiMed's mission is to make the dispensing of prescription drugs safer; reducing injuries and deaths while saving billions in medical costs.

We eliminate medication errors by identifying the drug and dose of individual pills in real-time and ensuring delivery to the right patient. PerceptiMed's technology identifies the composition of individual pills in real-time, checks each and every pill against the doctor's prescription, and ensures delivery to the correct patient.