Long-Term Care Facilities

More than 800,000 medication errors occur in long-term care facilities each year.

Shift changes, new patients, illegible handwriting, hectic schedules…all can result in errors when administering solid medication to patients. The most common of these errors include administering the wrong pill or the wrong dose, or missing a dose completely.

In fact, one in every 28 pills dispensed is either the wrong drug, the wrong dosage or delivered to the wrong patient.*  The average patient in a nursing home takes between six and nine pills on a daily scheduled basis, with an average of 2.6 additional “as needed” medications.**

PerceptiMed’s MedPass system, with its unique, individual locking pill-dispensers eliminates these medication errors, so patients can rest assured that they receive the right pills, from the right manufacturer and in the right dosage, every single day.

*Barker et al, 2002

** Tobias and Sey