More than 400,000 preventable drug-related injuries occur in hospitals each year.*

Hospitals are busy places, plain and simple.  Medical professionals continuously balance multiple tasks as they attend to the welfare of their patients.  The process of administering patient medications is just one of the many critical responsibilities they manage every day. And it is a process, with many steps — each susceptible to error. From the fulfillment of the individual patient dosages prepared daily by technicians and checked by pharmacists, to the loading of the med-pass carts.

Consider that each cart contains thousands of patient-specific dosages of drugs, which are administered several times a day. And let’s not forget the administration of “as needed” pains for pain and other symptoms.  The task is enormous. And one in which interruptions are frequent.  It is not surprising that the administration of medications is particularly vulnerable to error.*

Our MedPass™ system with its individual, locking pill-dispensers is specifically designed to eliminate these errors. Increasing productivity and facilitating the process of administering drugs, while significantly increasing patient safety and peace of mind.




*Murray and Shojania, 2001, US Department of Health and Human Services Report