There are more than a thousand different pills on the market today. *

More than 345 million medication dispensing and administration errors occur annually in the United States. The results are catastrophic with more than 1.5 million patient injuries and more than 7000 deaths occurring each year.**  Sadly, all of these could have been prevented.

In addition to the negative impact on human life, the resulting costs are astronomical — more than $77 billion per year, which includes medical costs, lost wages and productivity, and increased insurance costs.

While errors can occur at any step in the medication process, when it comes to the dispensing of medications, the most common errors are:

  • The dispensing of the wrong medication
  • Providing the wrong dosage or miscalculating the dosage
  • Confusing pills with others that look alike or have names that sound alike

Our Verifill™ System with its proprietary vision technology and IdentRx products are specifically designed to eliminate these human errors.



**Barker et al, 2002