PerceptiMed Announces PDX Certification

June 2016  |  PerceptiMed Staff

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Jun 23, 2016

PerceptiMed, the developer of scripClip(TM), announced today that the company is certified to interface with PDX’s pharmacy systems. This allows both major pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies to integrate scripClip prescription bag location systems into their existing PDX enterprise implementations.

PerceptiMed now offers a certified interface to the PDX/EPS Pharmacy version

PerceptiMed helps pharmacies provide higher levels of customer satisfaction in their will call operations while reducing labor costs. Pharmacies save time by quickly, electronically locating will call prescriptions and also by not having to file prescription bags either alphabetically or numerically. Every will call prescription is tracked by the scripClip pharmacy application. Prescriptions can even be tracked beginning at central fill. scripClips are offered in three different form factors, giving pharmacy cashiers the power to quickly locate prescriptions in will call paper bags, hanging bags and hanging clips. The located prescription will flash and optionally sound when located. Misfiled prescriptions are now a problem of the past. Customers receive their prescriptions faster and without errors caused by misidentification.

scripClip also delivers major time savings to the identification of aged prescriptions for return to stock. All prescriptions in will call that qualify by an operator-supplied, aging date will automatically flash for quick selection.

scripClip identication clips and hanging bags are self powered and operate on existing shelving and racks anywhere in the pharmacy without extensive remodeling.