scripClip™ Technology Safely Processes One Million Prescriptions

PerceptiMed’s scripClip™ Technology Safely Processes One Million Prescriptions Healthcare technology utilized in pharmacies to process prescriptions without error   Mountain View, CA- Mar. 19 2018 – PerceptiMed today announced that its will call location system, scripClip™, has now safely processed one million prescriptions in the U.S. through its proprietary technology application. Since being placed into widespread availability last year, the scripClip™ Will Call System is rapidly expanding across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.   Over one million prescriptions have been located and distributed to pharmacies’ patients, providing faster and safer service. An estimated 1,000 safety incidents, based on pharmacy safety study […]

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scripClip White Paper

Will Call Whitepaper: Measuring Labor Savings after Implementing an Advanced Pharmacy Automation Solution in Will Call Management PerceptiMed recently published a white paper that measured the labor savings achieved in a pharmacy that switched from a traditional, manual will call operation to an automated will call workflow using scripClip. The participating pharmacy allowed PerceptiMed to measure will call operations during a 30 day period before scripClip was installed and then for several weeks after scripClip installation. Read White Paper  

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