ScripClip Rx Bag Clip for Pharmacy AutomationscripClip Hanging Bag for Pharmacy AutomationRight Bag. Right Customer. Every Time.

Over 8 million scripts have been safely retrieved for patients using scripClip.

Finally, your will call search is over!   State-of-the-art pharmacy automation is now available for your will call area.

The scripClip will call system helps pharmacy staff quickly and efficiently locate the right bag for the right customer, every time.

Over 8 million scripts have been safely retrieved for patients using scripClip.

Once a prescription has been filled and verified, a scripClip bag clip is scanned and attached to the completed bag, which is then placed into will call in any order. scripClip performs a final verification by checking that all prescription vials and paperwork match and belong to the customer’s order.  scripClip is also available integrated into a hanging bag format. At pickup, pharmacy staff simply keys the customer information into their consoles and the appropriate ScripClip tagged prescription will light up. Different colored lights are uniquely associated with each POS console, supporting multiple, concurrent transactions.

scripClip for Pharmacy AutomationscripClip  pharmacy will call management  also helps make quick work of un-retrieved and expired prescriptions that must be returned to stock.  On command, the ScripClip tags on all un-retrieved bags simultaneously light up, enabling staff to quickly locate the bags for restocking.

You get increased productivity and significant time-savings as prescriptions are quickly retrieved regardless of where they are located — in bins on pharmacy shelves, in prescription hanging bags or even in over-sized packages (no alphabetizing required!)

Your customers realize higher satisfaction as quicker retrievals result in shorter waiting lines. They also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are getting the right bag with the right drug, every time.

See scripClip users describe how their will call operations improved after using scripClip in their pharmacies:

The following video demonstrates scripClip’s many labor saving and safety features. For additional information, check out this scripClip white paper, ‘Measuring Labor Savings after Implementing an Advanced Pharmacy Automation Solution in Will Call Management.’


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  • Pharmacy automation for your will call! An advanced prescription will call automation system that ensures the right bag for the right customer, every time
  • Increases productivity and operational efficiency for pharmacy staff
  • Each POS console is associated with a unique colored LED light, enabling staff to quickly and accurately locate the desired bag
  • Works with existing bin or hanging systems – no special hardware or pharmacy remodeling required
  •  Identifying LED lights enable bags to be stacked or hung in any order — no alphabetizing required
  •  ScripClips feature long-lasting LEDs and batteries for long-term reliability
  • Makes quick work of return-to-stock prescriptions
  • Provides faster retrievals for your customers compared to any chain will call!

For more information, please call us at 650.941.7000 opt. 1
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