identRx telpharmacy

100% Verification. Remotely. Every Customer. Every Time.

Now you can provide your customers with the most accurate prescription pill verification available — remotely.

The identRx telepharmacy™ software works in conjunction with the identRx medication-verification device to provide 100% remote verification of each and every pill dispensed in pharmacies. Making it ideal for pharmacies where an on-site pharmacist is unavailable, or that experience high peak volumes requiring temporary additional professional support.

Designed using our proprietary VeriFill™ technology, the identRx device boasts the industry’s first vision system that accurately reads manufacturer imprints on each and every pill as it is dispensed.  Its unique macroscopic imaging capability captures and identifies all imprints, regardless of type — embossed, debossed, printed, horizontal, two-sided or one-sided — ensuring that every single pill dispensed is the right drug, in the right dosage, from the right manufacturer and in the right quantity.

A local pharmacy technician fulfills a prescription using the identRx system.  The identRx telepharmacy software enables a pharmacist working remotely to see multiple images of every pill as it is counted and verified.  The pharmacist also sees an image of the filled pill vial and receives all the data associated with that prescription.  Once the pharmacist has validated the prescription, only s/he can hit the “accept” button to approve the prescription.

Your customers can rest assured that the prescription they have received contains the right drug, in the right dosage, from the right manufacturer.  Every time.



  • Affordable software enables off-site pharmacist to approve and verify prescriptions using their computers – no other hardware is required
  • Works in conjunction with the IdentRx medication-verification device, which uniquely provides 360º macroscopic imaging of each and every pill as it is dispensed
  • Provides high-level, professional support at times of high traffic, reducing the need for additional headcount
  • Provides high-level professional pharmacy services for rural stores and 24/7 pharmacies