Right Patient. Right Pills. Right Dosage. Every Time.

Our MedPass system was specifically designed to eliminate the margin of human error in administration of pills in long-term-care facilities.

Shift changes, new patients, illegible handwriting, hectic schedules…all can result in errors when administering solid medication to patients.

The MedPass system, with its unique, individual locking pill-dispensers eliminates these medication errors, so patients can rest assured that they receive the right pills, the right dosage, the right quantity, and from the right manufacturer.  Every single time.


  • Interacts with EMAR systems to download patient prescriptions
  • Medications for each individual patient clearly displayed on screen
  • Pills can be fed into the MedPass device in any order
  • 100% real-time verification of every pill
  • 360° macroscopic imaging identifies imprints on every pill, regardless of imprint method
  • Big pharmacy automation in a very small, desktop footprint; ideal for med carts
  • Fail-safe, individual locking device opens only when medications are verified AND within inches of the appropriate patient’s RFID identification tag
  • Records dosage history to ensure that all prescriptions are administered at the appropriate times, every time
  • Replaces need for patient “bingo cards,” reducing costs

MedPass video demo