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6   Point-of-Sale Search / Retrieval

scripClip White PaperL Cashier locating prescription

Figure 5. A search assisted with will call automation.

When a customer walks up to the cashier to pick up their prescription, the efficiency of the will call workflow gets placed on public display.  In addition to wasting labor, any miscue runs the risk of displeasing the customer.  Measuring the dissatisfaction level and customer retention levels is beyond the scope of this white paper.  However, it bears mentioning lost customers can cause revenue losses greater than the cost of the wasted labor involved in slow searches and especially when a long misplaced prescription hunt occurs while the customer is watching (see next section). It is imperative the most customer visible portion of prescription workflow operates in a smooth, efficient manner.

Significant improvements of 46% to 73% occurred when scripClip automation was added to will call search. The more complex the search, the better the increase in performance. In addition to the performance improvements in multiple bag/package searches, another benefit is that multiple bag/package searches flash and identify all bags/ packages belonging to the customer, greatly reducing the possibility of the clerk missing a package and giving an incomplete order to the customer.


Table 3. Search and Retrieval Performance

Search and Retrieval Median Times
Number of bags Will Call Without Automation Will Call Using scripClip Automation
1 bag retrieved 14.0 sec1 7.5 sec1,2
2 bags retrieved (total time) 59.5 sec 16.0 sec
3 bags retrieved (total time) Insufficient data 20.6 sec

1 Searches without automation were considered completed when the clerk’s scan was completed at the POS.  Searches using scripClip were considered completed when the ‘check-in’ button on the scripClip bag was clicked.

 2 The automation data sample is from a larger analysis including three independent pharmacies.


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For a complimentary analysis of your pharmacy’s will call operations, please call PerceptiMed at 650 941 7000 ext. 1.  An experienced pharmacy operations consultant can provide advice on improving your workflow and calculate your expected ROI when implementing will call automation in your pharmacy.