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Specifically, the selected pharmacy’s design included:

scripClip White Paper: pharmacy_before_scripclip

Figure 3: Pharmacy Will Call Before scripClip Installation

  1. A U (or J)-shaped layout for shelving that minimized the clerks’ physical movements in examining and retrieving the desired prescription bag. This style of configuration is practical for small to medium-sized will call systems.  The system used in the study contained, on average, 500 prescription bags (including several oversized paper bags and boxes on the floor).
  2. A numeric filing system which eliminated confusion and reconfirmation of names that often occurs in surname based filing methodologies
  3. Labels on hanging bags containing large, bold-font, easy–to-read numbers

    A Numeric Filing System

    Figure 4: A Numeric Filing System


Even with this efficient system, misplaced packages took over 12 minutes of time to resolve and return to stock remained a lengthy process that was infrequently performed because it was considered a tedious, labor intensive task.





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For a complimentary analysis of your pharmacy’s will call operations, please call PerceptiMed at 650 941 7000 ext. 1.  An experienced pharmacy operations consultant can provide advice on improving your workflow and calculate your expected ROI when implementing will call automation in your pharmacy.