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3   Problem: Measuring All Parts of Will Call Workflow


Will call workflow consists of packaging/filing, searching for single or multiple prescription packages and return to stock operations.  Although it might seem obvious any search function would be greatly improved by having the prescription packages self-identify themselves, the amount of savings was vague and never studied in detail (excluding large chain proprietary, internal studies). Also, it was not known how much (if any) penalty was added through packaging and activating an automated prescription.  Finally, there are numerous variations
in how will call workflow is implemented in pharmacies.

For this study, we chose a specific will call workflow representing an efficient combination of ergonomic layout and indexing methodology.  Thus, the study compared a top performing manual will call system against an automated will call system to ensure  most readers of this paper should experience similar, if not greater performance improvements when they implement an automated will call solution.

4   The Methodology Used in Measuring Will Call Workflow


Three areas of will call workflow will be analyzed – prescription packaging/filing, prescription search/retrieval and inventory return to stock.

The savings from adding automation to a will call workflow consists of measurable operator savings in performing will call workflow tasks, plus more difficult to measure savings generated by eliminating mistakes and improved customer retention rates.

This white paper used measurements taken from video monitoring at an independent pharmacy (thirty days before will call automation was installed) and measurements obtained from search, retrieval and package check in/out data after installation of PerceptiMed’s scripClip Automated Will Call System.

Due to variations in methodologies in packaging steps, return to stock (RTS) workflow, and various will call physical layouts, the published study times (before will call automation was added) may not represent will call activity times achieved in all will call systems.

The pharmacy selected for the study already implemented an ergonomic will call system that minimized retrieval and filing times (before the insertion of automation).


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For a complimentary analysis of your pharmacy’s will call operations, please call PerceptiMed at 650 941 7000 ext. 1.  An experienced pharmacy operations consultant can provide advice on improving your workflow and calculate your expected ROI when implementing will call automation in your pharmacy.