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­A PerceptiMed White Paper:                                                                           June 2017   

Measuring Labor Savings after Implementing an Advanced Pharmacy Automation Solution in Will Call Management

A Study in Labor Savings in Prescription Packaging, Retrieval and Return to Stock

1  Abstract: Will Call Automation Produces Labor Savings

scripClip White Paper: scripclip

Figure 1: The scripClip Will Call System searches, locates, and identifies a prescription bag.

Replacing a pharmacy’s manual will call installation with an automated will call system produces labor savings in all areas of will call workflow – packaging, filing, searching, and RTS (return to stock). It also provides new error and security checks for pharmacy workflow and improves the customer experience.

This white paper shows measurable labor savings can be expected from implementing an automated will call location system.  The following table shows labor savings after deployment of the automated system:




Table 1. Summary of Performance Improvements When Using scripClip Automation in Will Call1

Will Call Task Will Call Automation
Performance Improvement
Using scripClip
Packaging 43% – 45% See Section 5
Packaging (filing) 91% See Section 5
Rx Bag Searches 46% – 73% See Section 6
Misplaced Bag Searches 100% (no misplaced bags occurred when using will call automation) See Section 7
Return to Stock 36% – 78% See Section 8

1 This table is a summary of the measured times in Sections 5 – 8.  The time data in each section has been converted to percentages in this table

This white paper originally appeared in the online version of ComputerTalk for the Pharmacist.

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For a complimentary analysis of your pharmacy’s will call operations, please call PerceptiMed at 650 941 7000 ext. 1.  An experienced pharmacy operations consultant can provide advice on improving your workflow and calculate your expected ROI when implementing will call automation in your pharmacy.