Our Story

For Alan and Jenn Jacobs, PerceptiMed is the result of a personal mission to improve healthcare and reduce preventable medication errors.  Here’s their story as told by Dr. Alan Jacobs.

Jenn’s father was in a nursing home in Pennsylvania when we got the call that he was not doing well. We rushed from California to be by his side. Over the course of a couple days he improved dramatically and we returned home. Unfortunately, this became a routine for us. We’d get a frantic call from the nursing home and we’d rush across country.

As a physician, I pored over my father-in-law’s medical records trying to figure out what could be causing his intermittent failures. One day as Jenn and I sat by his side at the nursing home, I became focused on the nurses’ daily routine of pill dispensing. And it struck me that the cause of my father-in-law’s multiple declines in health could be caused by his receiving a wrong pill or the wrong dosage. Or maybe not receiving his medication at all.

That’s when Jenn and I became determined to find a solution that would ensure that every patient receives the exact right pills in the right dosage at the right time. Whether they are patients in a long-term care facility or hospital, or outpatients picking up prescriptions at their local retail pharmacy.

Our VeriFill™ system with its proprietary vision technology and IdentRx suite of products underscore our unwavering commitment to increasing patient safety by reducing human errors in medication dispensing and administration.