scripClip™ Technology Safely Processes One Million Prescriptions

March 2018  |  PerceptiMed Staff

PerceptiMed’s scripClip™ Technology Safely Processes One Million Prescriptions

Healthcare technology utilized in pharmacies to process prescriptions without error


Mountain View, CA- Mar. 19 2018 – PerceptiMed today announced that its will call location system, scripClip™, has now safely processed one million prescriptions in the U.S. through its proprietary technology application. Since being placed into widespread availability last year, the scripClip™ Will Call System is rapidly expanding across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.


Over one million prescriptions have been located and distributed to pharmacies’ patients, providing faster and safer service. An estimated 1,000 safety incidents, based on pharmacy safety study statistics, have been averted through the use of scripClip™, including wrong prescriptions, incomplete prescriptions, adverse safety events and HIPAA violations.


Bob Curry, PerceptiMed’s CEO, commented, “Our scripClip™ product provides pharmacies with a customer facing solution for faster prescription pickups combined with improved safety.  It’s the rare pharmacy automation product that pharmacy customers can actually see in operation and tells customers that their pharmacy cares about both service and their safety as a patient. We are proud of reaching this milestone in having delivered our millionth prescription.”


The technology has also offered significant long-term savings in its use, helping pharmacists avoid potentially expensive or time-consuming mishaps.


PerceptiMed Chief Business Officer Frank Maione stated, “scripClip™ pharmacies achieve quick ROIs in only six to twelve months of use.  The financial savings are a combination of better inventory management through easy to perform return-to-stock protocols, higher customer retention rates and will call labor savings.”




About PerceptiMed

PerceptiMed, Inc. is a leading edge pharmacy and healthcare technology company founded in 2011 by Dr. Alan Jacobs. PerceptiMed products are specifically designed to eliminate human errors in medication dispensing in pharmacies, long-term care facilities and hospitals.  PerceptiMed is driven to make the dispensing and administration of prescription drugs safer, reducing injuries and death. Its groundbreaking technology sets the industry standard for medication verification.



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