AI-based 360° Macroscopic Imaging

Accurate Verification. Every Pill. Every Time.

Right Drug, Dosage & Patient. Every Time.

The Industry’s First Artificial-Intelligence Based
360° Macroscopic Imaging Vision System

that is able to accurately read manufacturer imprints on all sides of each and every pill as it is dispensed.

acccurate dispensing

Unprecedented accuracy in prescription pill verification and administration.

improve patient confidence

Dramatically improves patient confidence and safety.

eliminate manual pill counting

“Pour and go” design eliminates manual handling of pills.

no remodeling

Tabletop device requires no remodeling to pharmacy.

easy to use

Simple, one-handed operation is quick and easy to learn.

nothing additional required

No pill modification, manipulation or special packaging required.


Offering unprecedented accuracy in prescription pill verification and administration, the IdentRx™ automated medication-verification device dramatically improves patient safety within pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and hospitals.

Designed using our proprietary VeriFill™ technology, the IdentRx™ device boasts the industry’s first Artificial-Intelligence Based, 360° Macroscopic Imaging Vision System able to accurately read manufacturer imprints on all sides of each and every pill as it is dispensed.

This macroscopic imaging capability captures and identifies all imprints, regardless of type — embossed, debossed, printed, horizontal, two-sided, or one-sided — ensuring that every single pill dispensed is the right drug, the right dosage, in the right quantity and from the right manufacturer.  Every time.

The IdentRx™ technology seamlessly integrates with existing pharmacy management systems for quality assurance in every step from the prescribing doctor to the patient.  Its small desktop footprint requires no modifications to existing pharmacy layouts. Big pharmacy automation in a very small, desktop footprint.

The IdentRx™ automatic medication-dispensing system advances pharmacy operations while saving time and money.  All of which ultimately gives pharmacists more time to focus on their customers. Which is right where you want them to be.

Looking For Remote Pharmacy Operations?

  • Works in conjunction with your existing  IdentRx™ system.
  • Affordable software enables off-site pharmacists to approve and verify prescriptions using their computers – no other hardware is required.
  • Provides high-level professional pharmacy services for rural stores and 24/7 pharmacies.
  • Provides high-level, professional support at times of high traffic, reducing the need for additional headcount.
The Perfect Add on For Remote Pharmacy Operations

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