Director of Manufacturing

Director of Manufacturing Job Profile and Description
The Director of Manufacturing provides functional leadership to a small, internal manufacturing team and external contract manufacturers in production of the company’s pharmacy technology products. The objective is to produce high quality products in medium to high volumes in a timely fashion that meets or exceeds customer and internal management expectations.

Director of Manufacturing Duties and Responsibilities
• Provides leadership and direction for all aspects of manufacturing.
• Responsible for directing the establishment, review and improvement of all manufacturing processes to industry best practices.
• Oversees all production planning and scheduling to meet forecasts and delivery.
• Promotes teamwork, continuous improvement, and empowerment with all employees
• Prepares and manages annual budget for manufacturing.
• Establishes contract manufacturing selection criteria and sources and selects contract manufacturers based on that criteria
• Establishes product manufacturing goals and objectives.
• Investigates incidences of product non-conformance to quality specifications and/or customer complaints and makes corrective action on a timely basis.
• Works with HR personnel to hire/terminate, train, and develop employees.
• Works with Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Customer Support and other internal groups and contract manufacturers to coordinate changes to prototypes, NPI, and volume production units as needed

Director of Manufacturing Skills and Specifications

  • Must have electro-mechanical background (plastics, metals, circuit boards, tolerances, motion, etc.) and the ability to perform hands-on troubleshooting. Robotics/Mechatronics a plus
  • Must have demonstrable knowledge and experience with the latest manufacturing technologies and best practices (SOP, QC/IQC, systems test, CPI, and more)
  • Must be experienced managing high volume, high quality, low cost product manufacturing

Director of Manufacturing Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree in mechanical engineering or manufacturing with a master’s degree in business administration is a minimum requirement
  • At least 10+ years of experience in manufacturing management with extensive experience managing contract manufacturers in the US, China and other countries