About Us

IdentRx identifies drug and dosage of individual pills, tablets and capsules in real-time.

PerceptiMed was founded in 2011 by experienced and successful industry experts in medicine, engineering, software, and business.

PerceptiMed offers products for prescription drug verification, pharmacy remote verification and will-call location systems.


Our Philosophy

PerceptiMed takes a three prong approach to eliminating medication errors in pharmacies, hospitals and nursing homes.

  1. 1. Fast, accurate, cost-effective system. PerceptiMed has developed a breakthrough point-of-care product that provides real-time identification of individual pills and checks each pill against the patient's prescription.
  2. 2. All prescription parameters are verified. Each prescription is checked for correct medication, dosage and quantity.
  3. 3. Control of prescription delivery. Electronically-locked containers ensure medication delivered to correct patient.